First Class Day Nursery Ltd

Our Rooms

Our Pooh Bear Room

The Pooh Bear room welcomes children from two years of age. The children have their own large bright and spacious room, which is well equipped with appropriate resources and toys for their age and stages of development.


Many children at this age still need a daily sleep and we have individual sleep-mats for sleep times.


All our staff have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage and work closely with your child during this important time. Development checks are carried out between your child's second and third birthday. We work closely with parents involving them in every aspect of this assessment.


We are very aware that each child is an individual and aim to provide the necessary support, encouragement and praise that is needed. At this stage our children are encouraged to learn to share and feel part of a group.


We keep daily records, detailing your child’s routines for the day, which is given to parents at home time. We always appreciate any comments you wish to make to help us to provide continuity in the daily care of your child. Our staff work hard as a team and feel it is important that they establish good relationships and effective partnerships with all parents.


Our Paddington and Superted Rooms

Our Paddington and Superted rooms welcome children from three years up to school age. The children benefit from large bright airy rooms, which are well equipped with a wide range of play equipment and learning resources.


The equipment and toys are set out in an inviting way and offer opportunities for the children to play with puzzles, mathematical equipment (i.e. sorting, matching, pairs etc), drawing, construction, ICT and imaginative play. There are vast selections of books and quiet areas for their enjoyment.


The children have opportunities to use the art, craft and messy area, the garden and to explore the wide range of activities that are carefully chosen for them daily.



Time is set aside daily for the children to work in small groups. This time is for a more structured approach to learning in readiness for school. The learning throughout the nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage; through the use of a wealth of resources learning experiences are wide, varied and fun.


Much of the learning throughout the nursery is developed through the children's own interests. We encourage children to bring in related objects etc. from home for our conversational tables. We use a wealth of our own resources to make children's learning experiences as wide, varied and fun as possible. The nursery has its own American style 17-seater mini- bus which is regularly used for excursions to broaden children’s experiences e.g. local library, shops, parks, beaches, etc.


Parents are encouraged to read our notice boards and to speak to any of our staff regarding their child’s day at nursery.      


Our  Care and Honey Bear Rooms

We are justly proud of our baby and toddler rooms, which are self-contained units. Our Care Bear room caters for nine babies aged from 8 weeks - 1 year.  


Our babies then progress into our Honey Bear room until they are about 2 years of age whereupon; they advance to our Pooh Bear room.  Our youngest children only progress to the next rooms when both parent and key person feel the time is right.  This is done gradually over a period of time to enable smooth transition. In keeping with the rest of the nursery these rooms are large, bright, airy and well equipped catering for up to fifteen children. The children enjoy a wealth of play and learning opportunities designed to allow free expression and to satisfy natural curiosity.


Our very young children are lovingly cared for by fully qualified and experienced childcare staff with a staff ratio of one staff member to every three children. Your child's key person will form a close bond with your child and through close interaction will provide encouragement and build confidence and self-esteem whilst acting as a role model for your child.


The rooms provide loving and happy environments where staff actively encourage children to develop their first skills in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage i.e. smiling, touching, grasping, sitting, crawling, walking and talking.  Our wide range of stimulating equipment encourages learning through play.


Staff detailing your child’s feeding, changing and sleeping patterns together with a record of their activities will complete a daily information sheet.  This information will be given to parents on collection of their child, enabling them to have a detailed record of their child’s day.



Baby Milk/Weaning Foods

All babies up to the age of approximately nine months should be provided with their own formula milks and weaning foods.  After this age babies will be encouraged to eat suitably prepared nursery meals. We provide support and guidance on weaning your baby upon request.



There are separate cot areas for children to maintain their sleep routines. Each child has their own separate supply of linen, which is laundered daily, by the nursery.


Nappies and Creams

Parents are required to supply all their child's own nappies and cream.  



We ask all parents to provide a full change of clothing.      


Comfort Toys

If your child has a special "comfort" toy or blanket, we encourage them to bring these to the nursery. Please ensure all your child's toys/clothing are clearly labelled.


Outdoor Activities

Children will be taken for regular walks in the locality.  Fully qualified staff accompany children at all times. The nursery provides prams, buggies, etc. We encourage children to explore local parks making the most of fresh air whilst having lots of fun.


Settling your Baby/Toddler

We appreciate the anxieties parents feel when leaving their child in the beginning. We therefore, encourage parents and children to visit the nursery regularly before their start date; these settling in sessions enable relationships to be established with your child's key person and will ensure your child’s happiness and smooth transition into the nursery. Our staff will wish to discuss and record your child’s routine, development and day-to-day requirements prior to their commencement. Parents of our babies are encouraged to telephone the nursery as often as they feel necessary.