First Class Day Nursery Ltd

Starting Your Child

At First Class we always endeavour to meet the needs of our families.  All our children are of equal importance and at no time will a full time place take priority over those who attend on a sessional basis.


As many children now commence formal schooling at just 4 years of age we recommend that all our pupils commence at the nursery as early as possible.  It is for this reason that we urge parents to give careful consideration to the age at which they wish their child to start at the nursery.


Our staff are always happy to welcome parents into the nursery at any time and endevour to be as flexible as possible.


Parents wishing to register their child should contact the nursery.


What Next?

However detailed no document can be as valuable and informative as a visit to the nursery. If you would like to see the nursery in action, we would be delighted to welcome you.


Please telephone 01268 5668000  to make an appointment.